RayPilot® transmitter

RayPilot® transmitter

The RayPilot transmitter has three different functions, positioning, patient identification and in situ dosimetry*.

Real time positioning enables full control of ROI motions and margin reductions.

Automatic patient identification when connecting the transmitter removes risk to treat the wrong patient.

With a dosimeter placed in the transmitter RayPilot provides in situ dose in real time at a given position and accumulated dose per fraction and after the last session.

The transmitter is removed after the last treatment session which means that there are no foreign objects left in the body enabling MRI follow up.

* The dosimetry feature is work in progress.


Non permanent

Compatible with obese patients & hip prothesis

Stable with fixation tines

Insertion similar to gold implantation and methods used in brachy therapy and interventional radiology

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