RayPilot® software

The RayPilot software is easy to use and understand. Different colors show if the ROI motions are within or out of tolerance.

RayPilot® software

The RayPilot Software has two user interfaces, one for patient identification and patient set up displayed in the treatment room and another for the real time ROI positioning and in situ dosimetry in the control room.

Automatic couch corrections make the patient set up fast, objective and exact.

The system detects and monitors motions outside predefined margins in real time.

In situ dose in real time and accumulated dose is monitored for dose verification.

Time stamped and stored position and dose data enables advanced treatment analyses after each fraction as well as the entire treatment session.

A unique gating solution compatible for use with Varian’s Clinac® iX linear accelerators and Trilogy® systems is available. The connection between RayPilot SW via the Varian MMI interface offers automated processes for couch set-up, gating and repositioning of the couch if the position of the tumor stays out of tolerance.

Read more about the Varian interface in the press release


1 computer, 2 screens

Automatic patient ID

Objective set up

Motion tracking with warnings

Improved workflow via plug in to Varian MMI interface

Exportable summary

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