RayPilot® software

The RayPilot® software shows the ROI motion in real time and visualise when motion exceeds user defined tolerance. Motion data is exportable for additional analysis eg. in Microsoft Excel® or similar.

RayPilot® software

The RayPilot Software interface is visible both in the treatment room and in the control room.

The RayPilot® is today used in existing RT-workflows at clinics.

One way of using can be:

  1. Connect the patient and the patient is automatically picked up in the software
  2. Do the normal set-up routine
  3. Acquire images (kV/CBCT) and zero the position in the RayPilot® Software, adjust position of patient and couch according to clinical routine for IGRT.
  4. The software is detecting relative motion of the ROI from the zeroing/reference position. The software visualize if  motion exceeds user defined tolerance during the set up procedure (from the time of imaging until the start of the treatment).
  5. During the treatment the RayPilot® Software detects how much the ROI moves continuously (from the reference position) and visualise if motion exceeds user defined tolerance occurs
  6. All motion data is stored in the software and can be exported for future analysis

The future in-situ dosimeter* will detect the accumulated dose in real-time and is both displayed and stored along with time-stamped motion data.


Automatic patient identification

Set up guidance - gives couch coordinates to set the transmitter in the machine isocenter

Tracking with visualisation when motion exceeds user defined tolerances

Exportable motion data

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