RayPilot® is designed for continuous prostate tracking. By knowing the exact position of the cancerous organ at any moment, the treatment can be focused on the tumor and healthy surrounding tissue can be avoided. For prostate cancer treatment there are publications showing unpredictable tumor motion over one cm during ongoing radiotherapy sessions. Such movements cannot be detected with the conventional radiotherapy techniques normally used today.

A precise treatment

The functionality of RayPilot® is similar to a GPS system by means that a target is localized with given coordinates. 

RayPilot® use electromagnetic communication between a transmitter in the ROI and a receiver placed directly on the treatment couch, on a screen the motion of the transmitter is presented 30 times a second. 

Today, RayPilot® is used for tracking during conventional and hypofractionated radiotherapy (SBRT) of prostate cancer.

An additional transmitter that will fit in the RayPilot® System is under development. It is called the HypoCath® and will be designed as an Foley catheter with the transmitter inside. This approach makes tracking available without need for surgical intervention.

Read more about the upcoming HypoCath® here.

The system consists of the RayPilot receiving system which is placed on any existing treatment couch, the RayPilot transmitter that is placed in the ROI, and the RayPilot software.



Automatic patient identification

Real time ROI localization (30 Hz)

Time stamped motion data

Flexible multi room use

No foreign objects left in patient

Carbon fibre couch compatible

Works on most linacs

In situ dosimetry*

* Work in progress

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