November 21, 2011

RayPilot® transmitter granted European design patent

Micropos RayPilot® is an electromagnetic tumor tracking system for increased precision in radiotherapy of prostate cancer.

The system is now in clinical use at university hospitals in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In addition, research collaboration is ongoing with Aarhus University Hospital on future uses of the system, among other things to control the beam so that it follows the target / tumor throughout the treatment and for the simultaneous and continuous measurement of the dose into the tumor in order to assure that the adequate dose is delivered according to the plan.

Micropos has continuously worked with various types of intellectual property protection for the product and currently holds several patents and trademark rights. Now another European design patent has been granted the RayPilot® transmitter, which is a consumable item in the RayPilot® system.

Design protection gives Micropos exclusive design and prevent others from exploiting it. This means that no one may manufacture, sell, import or hire a product whose appearance does not give a different overall impression as compared to the design of RayPilot® transmitters.

Below is a picture of the RayPilot ® transmitter.


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Tomas Gustafsson, CEO, Micropos Medical AB (publ), +46-31-772 80 99, tomas(a)

About Micropos Medical AB (publ):

Micropos Medical AB (publ) ( is a Swedish medical device start-up that was founded in 2003 as a result of four physicians’ long clinical experience in the therapeutic radiation oncology field (cancer treatment). The company has developed the RayPilot® system for increased precision in radiotherapy of prostate cancer. The RayPilot® system is an electromagnetic positioning system that initially enables real time position of the prostate for a fast and objective set-up and for continuous positioning during the treatment. A precise and safe localization of the tumor can dramatically improve the outcome of the treatment, particularly for hypofractionated protocols. The RayPilot® system consists mainly of three parts; a transmitter that is placed in the ROI, a receiving system that is placed directly on any existing treatment coach and software that continuously shows where the tumor is and where to beam. The transmitter is removed after the final treatment in order to enable MRI follow-up.

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