Micropos Medical joins the British Institute of Radiology

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) is delighted to welcome Micropos Medical as a corporate member.

BIR corporate subscribers are encouraged to join the BIR community and to collaborate in educational developments and to get involved with publishing activities.

Micropos Medical is a Swedish medtech company, which provides the unique and innovative RayPilot® system to secure confident real time target tracking and motion recording in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT). The system works as an add-on to any linac.

Jacqueline Fowler, Chief Executive of the BIR, said “I was delighted to meet Tomas Gustafsson at our recent event on Advances in Prostate Cancer, Diagnosis and Treatment. We look forward to working together and to sharing the work of Micropos with the radiotherapy community”.

Tomas Gustafsson said “We are introducing our tumour tracking device in the UK and we are happy to join The British Institute of Radiology, which we see as a good platform to create new contacts around radiotherapy professionals and to learn about the trends and news in radiotherapy”.


Photo: (left to right) Tomas Gustafsson (Chief Executive Officer, Micropos), Irina Sandin (Sales Consultant) Jacqueline Fowler, Chief Executive BIR and Kauko Haapasaari (Sales Director)


This media release comes from The British Institute of Radiology


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