First patient treated with RayPilot® in Turkey

The first prostate cancer patient has been treated with the electromagnetic tumor tracking system, RayPilot® at the private hospital Gayreteppe Florence Nightingale hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

RayPilot tracks prostate motion continuously during radiotherapy in order to make sure that the radiation is delivered to the right spot and to minimise dangerous radiation to healthy surrounding tissue.

– We are proud to be the first clinic to offer the RayPilot to our prostate cancer patients in Turkey. Our goal is to go into hypofractionated protocols where motion detection of the target is crucial says Şefik Igdem medical doctor and professor at the Gayreteppe Florence Nightingale Hospital.

The Gayreteppe Florence Nightingale hospital is the first hospital in Turkey to use this equipment and has the goal to decrease the number of treatments from around 40 to 5 with less radiation to the healthy tissue.

Mecit Canbolat, General Manager of the RayPilot distributor Oncotech, says: “-Gayreteppe Florence Nightingale hospital is one of the best-known facilities in Turkey. Raypilot is the perfect match for a department that needs to have a sophisticated treatment for hypofractionated protocols. This cooperation will help improve treatment quality for patients and should inspire other clinics.”


The image shows Andreas Bergqvist an Oscar Sjöberg from Micropos together with the Turkish distributor Oncotech during the installation of the RayPilot®.

For additional information:

Tomas Gustafsson, CEO, Micropos Medical AB (publ), +46-31-760 80 05

About Micropos Medical AB (publ):

Micropos Medical AB (publ) ( is a Swedish company that has developed the RayPilot® system, which is an electromagnetic positioning and real time tracking system for a fast and objective set-up and for continuous positioning during radiotherapy. A precise and safe localization of the tumor can dramatically improve the outcome of the treatment, particularly for hypofractionated protocols. The RayPilot® system consists mainly of three parts; one transmitter that is placed close by the tumor, a receiving system that is placed directly on the treatment couchtop and software that continuously shows the precise tumor location, and hence where to focus the linac beam. RayPilot® has a unique gating solution qualified and compatible for use with Varian’s Clinac® iX linear accelerators and Trilogy® systems. Micropos develops an upcoming RayPilot® transmitter for positioning, in-situ dosimetry and automatic patient identification. RayPilot® is CE certified for prostate and surface use. Follow us on Facebook, The Micropos share is traded under the stock ticker MPOS.


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