Extension of RayPilot® SBRT use at the Helsinki University Hospital

Micropos and Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) has signed an agreement to extend the cooperation.

HUS has since more than two years used the RayPilot® to increase the precision and to enable hypofractionated radiotherapy of prostate cancer with good results. By hypofractionation, the clinic reduces the number of treatment days from 40 to only 5 sessions on a selection of their prostate cancer patients.

The interest in SBRT and hypofractionation is increasing worldwide. The number of scientific publications and clinical experiences are rapidly increasing.

One important factor in hypofractionated treatment is to track the organ motion and HUS is using the RayPilot® to monitor the prostate motion 30 times per second and stops the radiation if motion more than 3 mm occurs.

– We are very happy that we now extends our important collaboration with the well recognized Helsinki University Hospital, which serves as an excellent reference customer where interested clinics can visit. In addition the clinic has several competing tracking devices but choose to work with RayPilot® for those prostate cancer patients to be treated in the lowest number of fractions and with high precision, says Micropos CEO, Tomas Gustafsson.

The cooperation with HUS as a reference for RayPilot® also means that radiotherapy clinics can come, study and learn from their experience. So far, a number of prominent radiotherapy departments from Sweden, France and Turkey has visited them prior to become users of RayPilot®. Also the intention is to start using the RayPilot® for tracking on additional tumors.

RayPilot® Elekta Versa HD Helsinki

For additional information:

Tomas Gustafsson, CEO, Micropos Medical AB (publ), +46-31-760 80 05

About Micropos Medical AB (publ):

Micropos Medical AB (publ) (www.micropos.se) is a Swedish company that has developed the RayPilot® system, which is an electromagnetic positioning and real time tracking system for a fast and objective set-up and for continuous positioning during radiotherapy. A precise and safe localization of the tumor can dramatically improve the outcome of the treatment, particularly for hypofractionated protocols. The RayPilot® system consists mainly of three parts; one transmitter that is placed close by the tumor, a receiving system that is placed directly on the treatment couchtop and software that continuously shows the precise tumor location, and hence where to focus the linac beam. RayPilot® has a unique gating solution qualified and compatible for use with Varian’s Clinac® iX linear accelerators and Trilogy® systems. Micropos develops an upcoming RayPilot® transmitter for positioning, in-situ dosimetry and automatic patient identification. RayPilot® is CE certified for prostate and surface use. Follow us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/MicroposMedical. The Micropos share is traded under the stock ticker MPOS.

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