October 24, 2011


RayPilot® installed at the Aarhus University Hospital

Micropos have installed RayPilot ® for increased precision in radiotherapy of prostate cancer at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Micropos and Aarhus University Hospital has signed a 12 month contract where the hospital buys RayPilot® consumable for clinical use.

Aarhus University Hospital and Micropos already has a research collaboration on future RayPilot® applications e.g. controlling the movements of the beam on a linear accelerator from the world’s largest manufacturer Varian, in order to follow an imaginary organ inside the body.

This successful research collaboration lead under Physicists Per Rugård Poulsen shows that the combination of RayPilot® and Varian is the fastest known system tested to control the beam to follow a radiation target in real time (DMLC = Dynamic Multileaf Collimator tracking).
There have been several publications on this work, both at scientific congresses in Europe and North America as well as in scientific journals.

It’s great that the cooperation that we started with the Aarhus University Hospital last year now gives fruit in that they have learned the system over time and thus built up a trust that allows them to now start clinical treatments and buy RayPilot® transmitters from us, says Tomas Gustafsson, CEO of Micropos Medical.

In parallel with the clinical use and evaluation will research collaboration with future generations RayPilot® continue.

Aarhus University Hospital is now the first hospital which will have two RayPilot® system in place for both clinical use and research on future applications which we believe will be a very successful combination says Micropos CEO, TomasGustafsson.

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